Vendors List

ALABAMA FARMERS - You can buy locally grown fruits and vegetables directly from Alabama Farmers primarily during the Spring, Summer and Fall months.  However, we do have a select few here during the Winter.

Vendors are at the Market year round.  Please contact vendors directly for hours of operation & pricing/availability.

Flavor-Pic Tomatoes
(205) 323-7306
John Kontos
- Decorative baskets
- Produce baskets
- Produce cups

Bama Tomato
(205) 252-2002
Randy Griffin, Christopher Griffin & Brian Griffin
Bama Tomato is a company that specializes in a full line of fruits and vegetables.  Open seven days a week, Sun-Fri from 4am to 4pm and Sat from 4am to 10am.  Bama carries only the best hand picked vine-ripened tomatoes from Florida, as well as from local farmers within the community.  They have a packing house specializing in select 20# tomato repacks, and a dedicated cooler for gas ripening bananas.  Be sure to check the white and brown eggs as well as the homemade jams and jellies.

Graves Produce 
(205) 324-5778
Bobby Graves
- Tropical Plants
- Pumpkins
- Watermelons
- Pecans
- We also Crack Pecans

Lopez Trucking & Produce 
(601) 470-1778
Large variety of peppers, mangos and other fruits

E&S Produce
Retail vendor, Shed 7
(205) 337-9432
Sergio Flores

James Tucker Produce
(205) 328-2460
James & Beth Tucker
- Wholesale to the Public
- Wide variety of Fruits and Vegetables

Tommy Tucker Produce
Tommy Tucker (Shed 6)
- Peanuts

Farm House Produce
(205) 251-6530
Cindy House
Summer Hours: 8am - 9pm
Winter Hours: 8am - 6pm
- Retail
- Open year-round
- Wide variety of Fruits and Vegetables
- Shells peas and beans

Clayton Farms
*Clayton Farms now has 2 locations, Henry Clayton, wholesale only and a separate Retail/wholesale location next door called Clayton Farms 2.  Owner Jonathan Clayton +1 (205) 902-9219
(205) 518-8890
Henry Clayton

- Wholesale to the Public & Retail
- Cantaloupe
- Sweet Potatoes
- Watermelons
- Pumpkins
- Fall decorations

Armando Produce
(205) 202-2707
Armando Flores
- Tomatoes
- Lettuce
- Carrots
- Cantaloupes
- Corn
- Onions
- Avocadoes'

Brito's Produce
Reniel Brito
- Spanish Goods
455 Finley Avenue, West
Birmingham, AL 35204

Flores Produce
(205) 581-1008
Sergio Flores
- Spanish goods
- Avocadoes'
- Pineapples
348 Finley Avenue, West
Birmingham, AL 35204

Evelyn's Produce
(205) 202-2707
Shed #2

Farmer's Cafe located in the middle of the market
Authentic Mexican
Hours of operation: Everyday 7am - 3pm

Ronnie Jackson Produce.
Wholesale watermelons

(334) 726-0047


344 Finley Ave West Birmingham, AL 35204

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